Using Your Current Skills to Own a Business

Anyone looking to own a franchise is excited by the possibility of doing something completely new and different. The scary part however, can be that while you may have a passion for this new business and you’re excited to be an entrepreneur, there may be no guarantee of success. The beauty of the JumpBunch business model is that any person’s unique skill set can be directly transferable to owning and running a franchise. Because of our support system and unique training, any entrepreneur, regardless of their professional background, can apply their experience and specific talents to a JumpBunch Franchise business. Our franchise owners come from diverse backgrounds including industries like marketing, education, business and even finance.

Take for instance, one of our newest owners, Nalani Cates from Northern Virginia. Nalani worked in government contracting for 20+ years. And although her professional skills might not be directly related to children’s sports and fitness, she is excited that her business management knowledge is now applicable to owning her own franchise. Nalani says that she loves being able to manage her own team of staff as well as working with clients such as school directors, parents and kids. Nalani has done an outstanding job of transferring her professional skills to JumpBunch. Listen more to her story here.

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