Who Is Our Competition?

No other franchise does quite what JumpBunch does:

Introduce children to a wide range of sports by bringing classes to existing daycare, preschool and school age programs.


There are other franchises that bring everything from computers to dance to art classes to schools. And there are sports and fitness concepts where owners manage sports teams or must maintain a storefront/gym location. JumpBunch is popular with teachers and parents because of the unique combination of sports and fitness with coaches that bring everything to the school. And with curriculum and equipment for over 80 different activities, no one else comes close to offering such a wide range of sports. While a competitive spirit is introduced for older kids, JumpBunch focuses first and foremost on making sports and fitness fun – another aspect that sets this franchise apart.


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“My 4 yr old LOVES this class – every Friday he looks forward to seeing his JumpBunch teachers!”

JumpBunch Parent

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