Relaxed, Early Intro to Sports

Simply put, JumpBunch makes sports fun! JumpBunch ensures that a child’s first sports experiences are positive, not intimidating. And children’s eyes are opened to the wide range of sports options. JumpBunch kids are more likely to be confident and ready to advance as they join their first organized team, or even as they choose up sides on the playground. They are more willing to try new activities with less fear of failure.


This positive start leads more children to embrace sports as they grow older. As we know, kids who pursue sports, whether casual or competitive, are in turn more likely to remain healthy and physically fit. There is also growing evidence of many other positive impacts of organized sports: from confidence and self-esteem, to a sense of fair play, to a commitment to achieve goals through hard work and practice.

JumpBunch owners say it’s immensely rewarding to impact children in such positive ways, especially during their early, critical stages of development.


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“The children love JumpBunch! JumpBunch is a wonderful age appropriate educational program that introduces our youngest athletes to a variety of sports. As the director, I am very happy to have JumpBunch in my center.”

Preschool Director

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