We’re Always Evolving

Every successful business must grow and change to meet consumer and market demands. When you commit to a franchisor, you need to know they are working to anticipate trends and position you to take full advantage of new opportunities – as well as brace for future challenges.

When Tom Bunchman sold his first franchise, JumpBunch focused solely Preschool classes. As the company has grown and the market has evolved, five distinct profit centers have emerged. JumpBunch now serves toddlers through middle school, greatly expanding the school relationships and family loyalty owners can build in their territory. The business model has grown more flexible and resilient and continues to provide greater opportunity for growth. For example, as school systems across the country slash their budgets and eliminate physical education, we have owners winning big contracts to provide before and after care programs.

In terms of operations, JumpBunch established an online forum very early on to fuel franchise support and collaboration. JumpBunch has developed a number of strategic partners to support each aspect of business operations, allowing owners to focus most of their time on revenue producing activities.


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“An excellent addition to the Kindergarten program we offer, JumpBunch promotes fun, fitness and self-esteem. The diverse activities and sport games create and invite enthusiasm. I would encourage any school or business to consider JumpBunch!”

Private School Administrator

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