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Proven Fitness Program CurriculumKids just think its fun, but each JumpBunch class has actually been carefully developed, tested and refined through years of experience with literally millions of classes. We started with early childhood education, sports and physical fitness experts to develop curriculum that matches the coordination, motor skills and attention-spans at each age level. For example, younger groups focus on basic skills and weekly exposure to new sports, while older programs begin to introduce competition and can concentrate on a single sport for a month.

Preschool CurriculumAll sports equipment is carefully selected and sourced to be safe and age-appropriate as well. Feedback from thousands of classes and coaches across diverse markets has allows us to continuously hone each offering to ensure the classes are effective – and fun. We have mastered how to deliver structured learning in an environment that doesn’t feel like a class – which is exactly why kids love JumpBunch!

Over 300 Lesson Plans | Over 80 Activities | 55,000 Children Inspired Worldwide | Millions of classes taught

“Perhaps the greatest value of buying a JumpBunch franchise is the impressive depth of expertly developed, child tested curriculum.”

JumpBunch Teaches:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Fine motor skills
  • Teamwork
  • Confidence
  • Patience
  • Willingness to try new sports
  • Fitness appreciation

80 Activities

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“We especially love when the program runs in the morning because it energizes the children for the rest of the day. JumpBunch activities are invaluable to the development of skills in children. Every center and school should have a JumpBunch program because of the great importance of consistent exercise to children’s health and well-being.”

Preschool Director

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