Established Business Systems

Everything an owner needs to run the business has been developed and refined so you have systems every step of the way. There is room to add your own personality and style to the business, while benefitting from the consistent, proven approach provided. From detailed operations and marketing manuals to carefully selected and sourced sports equipment. One important component is an online portal that makes online student registration, billing and payment easy to manage. This system simplifies your financial bookkeeping, business reporting, royalty and operations reports, all at the same time. Additional partnerships are in place to save you hours of resourcing otherwise. The list below defines categories where we have structured programs in place to get you started faster.

  • Payroll processing
  • Email marketing
  • Background screening
  • Liability insurance
  • Branded fulfillment
  • Hiring platform
  • E-Learning and employee training
  • Social media
  • Expense management

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“We especially love when the program runs in the morning because it energizes the children for the rest of the day. JumpBunch activities are invaluable to the development of skills in children. Every center and school should have a JumpBunch program because of the great importance of consistent exercise to children’s health and well-being.”

Preschool Director

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