What Does It Cost?

What-does-it-costThe initial franchise fee is $30,000 for a protected 350,000 population territory.

Additional territories in your area may be available subject to additional qualifications. The franchise fee covers all of the tools, training and support you will need to fully learn and begin to implement the unique JumpBunch business model. This includes class management software from ClassJuggler®, an E-Learning platform from Learning Zen, and a private Intranet system for collaboration and references. In fact, there is a host of partner relationships that make it easier for you to stay focused on revenue generating activities. JumpBunch also provides professionally-prepared brochures, direct mail and other marketing tools to help you initiate relationships with daycares, preschools and other potential venues.

As part of the screening process, JumpBunch performs a detailed demographic analysis of your area to confirm there is adequate potential business in your territory before we proceed.

Royalties – JumpBunch’s royalty fees are comparable with other franchises that offer a similar level of training, curriculum, partner relationships and ongoing support.

Additional Start-Up Expenses – Since this is a home-based business and classes will be offered at other locations, the start-up business expenses are very modest. These costs include items such as insurance, travel for training, legal fees, computer software, and starter sports equipment.

Financing – JumpBunch is approved for SBA (Small Business Administration) loans. In addition, we have partnered with Boefly®, an online resource that matches borrowers with appropriate lenders nationwide to assist in securing financing for your JumpBunch franchise. Click here for more information.

Now available through BoeFly’s bQual Business Financing service, you can get prequalified for JumpBunch franchise financing. Your custom bQual report gives you access to the same information that lenders and the SBA use to assess you for financing.

Find out if you prequalify for JumpBunch franchise financing now.

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“The children love JumpBunch! JumpBunch is a wonderful age appropriate educational program that introduces our youngest athletes to a variety of sports. As the director, I am very happy to have JumpBunch in my center.”

Preschool Director

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