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“I just wanted to give you guys a heartfelt THANK YOU for bringing joy and activity to our daughter’s Friday mornings!”

– JumpBunch parent

“I’m so glad you go to the daycare center. It is good to know that the kids are getting exercise, and learning new fun things.”

– JumpBunch parent

“My son Adam loves it… Thanks for all you do, my son looks forward to Tuesdays!”

– JumpBunch parent

“I really appreciate all that you do, it has made a huge difference with his motor skills. He is catching better and throwing better. He is also batting better. Great job and keep up the great work!”

– JumpBunch parent

“Keylan loves JumpBunch. He comes home and has all kinds of new tricks and loves showing them off. This is a great program you have, and I’m glad you’re coming to his daycare.”

– JumpBunch parent


School Directors & Teachers


“The children love JumpBunch and I hear nothing but positives from parents. Thanks for being a part of our school!”

-Penny Corwin, Director, Oakbrook CDC, Summerville

“Thank you so much for introducing JumpBunch to our preschool. On Monday morning the kids are asking “Is today JumpBunch?” I have to tell them “two more days, then we’ll have class…”

– H.A., Preschool Owner

“Just a quick note to say that my son is really enjoying your class. He is usually shy and not willing to participate, but he is eager to go to JumpBunch and talks about it when I pick him up!”

–Lisa, corporate daycare program

“Kids love it, parents are impressed – it really does build confidence, coordination and love of sports.”

– Pam, Director, LaPetite Academy

“Every center and school should have a program such as JumpBunch because of the great importance of consistent exercise to children’s health and well-being.”

– Jen, teacher, Elvaton Day Care

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Kyle really loves JumpBunch. On a recent trip to Hawaii, they had a croquet set on the lawn at our hotel and he yelled that he wanted to play croquet. I asked him where he learned Croquet and he said “HELLO… I go to JumpBunch”. It was funny… so he and I played and he told me what I needed to know. :)

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