JumpBunch Franchise Discovery Days

If you’re considering becoming a JumpBunch franchise owner, Discovery Day is a critical part of the Ownership Process! While this Discovery Days are exciting and informative, we first ask anyone interested to please complete some initial steps to ensure it’s a good fit for everyone. This includes an initial inquiry, discussions with our franchise development team, completing a personal profile and reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Once these portions of the Ownership Process are complete and we all agree it’s time to take the next step, then it’s on to Discovery Day!

What You Can Expect

We’ll meet with you for the day in Annapolis, Maryland. Complimentary transportation to and from Baltimore (BWI) airport is available. Discovery Day is an opportunity for potential franchise owners to observe a class, learn more details about the business, and engage in a thorough question and answer session. There is no commitment necessary, and no payment to join us at Discovery Day. You’ll come away with a good sense of what it’s like to be a JumpBunch owner. We even send you home with samples of our marketing materials so you can perform some test marketing, by speaking with daycare and school directors, to get a sense of how JumpBunch will be received in your area.

Upcoming Discovery Days

You can contact us anytime to find out when the next Discovery Day will be held. Or if you’d like to start with an initial inquiry and discussion, we’re always ready to speak with you and answer any questions you may have!



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