JumpBunch Congratulates 2014 Award Winners

2014 Award Winning Franchise Owners


At JumpBunch, we are grateful for the opportunity to work with and recognize some of the best franchise owners in the business! During our 10th annual conference, which was held in San Antonio, Texas, we were able to acknowledge a few of our exceptional franchisees with the JumpBunch Awards. Congratulations to all of our nominees and winners of the JumpBunch awards, and here’s to another great year!

2014 MVP Award: Staci Lifshen

MVP award is granted to a franchisee that has consistently remained in the top third in revenue, and in the top half in profitability. The MVP also engages with fellow franchisees and in all corporate initiatives.

Nominees: Winkie Schultz, Molly Cornes, Ali Anjum, and Jill Anderson.

2014 Rookie of the Year: Robin Pliss

The Rookie of the Year is a newer franchise owner who has shown great promise and enthusiasm for the JumpBunch community and brand.

Nominees: Grant Wollen, Brian Hasson, David and Jane Conner, and Henry Torres.

2014 Greg Burg Spirit Award: Dana Gurkowski

The Greg Burg Spirit Award is for our franchisees who are dedicated to the core mission of JumpBunch. They are a true example of the JumpBunch community and strive to bring their positive attitude into all aspects of their business.

Nominees: Ali Anjum, Brian Himes, Shane Smith and Jil Anderson.

2014 Bottom Line Award: Ali Anjum

2014 Bottom Line Award is granted to a franchise owner who has maintained a top ten status in profit percentage, provides all monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports on time or as requested, and can react to changing expenses without unnecessary spending.

Nominees: Regina McKenna, Cindy Taylor, Brian Himes, and Kirby Dial.

2014 Game Changer Award: Winkie Schutz

The Game Changer Award goes to a franchisee in the top ten owners in yearly revenue production, who demonstrates a stable business and profit margin above the franchise average.

Nominees: Cindy Taylor, Christy Dugan and Lisa Jones, Heather Brian, and Sue Goldberg.

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