3 Franchise Industries to Watch in 2015

As we begin the New Year, we look forward to franchise industry growth and success in 2015. We enjoyed growth in the last year both with JumpBunch and with the franchising industry as a whole. If you are considering a franchise business in 2015 it is important to look at industry trends to see if the company you’re interested in will be a lucrative investment for you. As we move into 2015 here are the top 3 franchise industries to watch out for.

Health and Fitness Franchise

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1. Health & Fitness: As always, health & fitness is a rapidly growing industry. The Franchise Business Review reports that seven new fitness franchises were introduced in 2014, making up roughly 20% of their Top Emerging Franchises list. This momentum won’t be slowing down in the New Year, either. There are 78.6 million adult Americans living with obesity in the United States and as this number continues to grow so will the demand for more fitness related businesses. In fact, Business Insider recently ranked health and fitness franchise Anytime Fitness the number 2 franchise to watch in 2015.


Preschool Fitness Business Model

2. Child Services: Tying in very closely to health and fitness, the Child Services industry (education, health & fitness, recreational and supplemental education) continues to grow in 2015. The Child Services industry saw a particularly good year in 2014. We are very proud that JumpBunch was named in the Top 500 Franchises in 2014 . With more than 46 million children in the US ranging from age 0-11, there are more and more opportunities to reach new customers. As a whole, Child Service franchises have rather low investments and high ROI making them a reliable choice for entrepreneurs.


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via www.care.com

3. Senior Care: The Senior Care industry continues to rise in 2015. Since 2005 the industry has really exploded making way for several new franchises to be introduced. The FBR says “Senior care is a natural fit for franchising. It’s a business that’s highly regulated and systems-oriented, while, at the same time, highly personal.” This industry has a wide range of options from meal preparation to in home care making it a good fit for a lot of different types of entrepreneurs.
If you’re considering starting a franchise, 2015 is the year to do it! As we continue to break out of the recession we will see a rise in franchising opportunities and success.

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